Childcare facilities within Companies

The Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family finances companies to create and equip childcare facilities for employees, aged between 6 months and 2.5 years, within the companies. The program was institutionalized for the first time in our country with Law 4921/2022 «Jobs Again». It is implemented with resources from the Recovery and Resilience Fund and finances the businesses and for the staffing of the space with one or two childcare workers for a period of two years, with the obligation to maintain the space and staff positions for another two years after the end of the funding period .The purpose of the specific action is to harmonize family and professional life and to strengthen the participation of women in the labor market through the provision of complementary baby care services and the creation of friendlier workplaces for new parents and, in particular, for women and throughout the creation of new jobs in the childcare sector.

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