«Neighborhood Babysitters» program

The «Neighborhood Babysitters» program falls under the axis of actions in favor of reconciling family and professional life, which is one of the main objectives of the European Strategy for equality, for the coming years. The project will be implemented at a pilot level initially in 61 municipalities of the country and will then be gradually implemented throughout the whole territory.This program mainly concerns the care of infants between the ages of two months and 2.5 years and provides the financial support of working parents – mainly – parents, single parents, foster parents and generally the family horizontally, for the care of their child or children, either in the family home or at the home of an educator-caregiver.

In the first phase, the «Register of Supervisors» will be created. The platform ntantades.gov.gr was opened in order to register those who wish to be employed as curators. More information about the conditions, supporting documents and the registration process can be found in the relevant call for expressions of interest(https://isotita.gr/prosklisi-ekdilosi-endiaferontos-ntantades-tis-geitonias/

For a better service order for those interested, a call center is in operation. Those interested can call 2103258080 and 2103258090 from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm or send a message to the email address ntantades@yeka.gr.

In the second phase, the platform will be opened for parents who are interested in the «Neighborhood Babysitters» program to submit an application and the necessary supporting documents.

It is emphasized that the objective of the program is twofold. We aim, on the one hand, to support and facilitate women mothers and guardians, so that after having a child they can achieve their full reintegration into the labor market and continue their professional career, and on the other hand, to reduce undeclared work by encouraging unemployed, mainly women to work as educators-caregivers.

To register in the Registry, you must submit your application online, which you will find on the ntantades.gov.gr website. You do not need to provide or send any documents.

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