Deputy Minister for Equality and Human Rights

Maria – Alexandra Kefala

Maria-Alexandra Kefala was born on July 30, 1985 in Ioannina, where she currently lives. She is married.

She is a Physician by profession specializing in paediatrics. She is a graduate of the Medical School of the University of Ioannina and holds a master’s degree from the National School of Public Health «Health Promotion of Children and Adolescents». She speaks English, French and German.

She was elected for the first time Member of Parliament of Ioannina with New Democracy in the elections of July 2019 and was re-elected in the elections of June 2023.
During the period 2019 – 2023, she was the Secretary of the Parliament. From 2019 until 2022, she participated as a member of the «Special Standing Committee on Equality, Youth and Human Rights», the «Sub-Committee on the Issues of Persons with Disabilities» and the «Sub-Committee on Combating Human Trafficking and Exploitation» of Parliament, of which she assumed the presidency from October 2022 until April 2023.

She was a member of the «Standing Committee on Social Affairs» of the Parliament.  She was concurrently elected as Vice-President of the Economic, Commercial and Fiscal Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Cooperation Organization. During the 2019-2023 parliamentary term, she was the Vice-President of «Greece-Albania» Friendship Parliamentary Group and a member of «Greece-USA», «Greece-Qatar», «Greece-North Macedonia», «Greece-Armenia» and «Greece-Egypt».

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