School Meals

The Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family, in accordance with article 12 of Law 4455/2017 (Government Gazette A’ 22), prepares, coordinates and supervises the «School Meals» program. The management of the program has been assigned to the Organization of Welfare Benefits and Social Solidarity (OPEKA) (Ministerial Decision D14/oik.21446/488/11.04.2018 Official Gazette B’ 1299).The program has been implemented since 2017 and provides school meals to students of public primary schools in order to cover, as much as possible, the feeding needs of this group of population. At the same time, it aims at the socialization of the students, the prevention of school dropout phenomena, the development of a participatory table, with the aim of cultivating a spirit of cooperation and solidarity in the school community. It is also essential for developing a healthy way of eating through the Mediterranean diet.The program is implemented in 1,620 schools in the country, according to the joint decisions of the Deputy Ministers of Education and Religion and Labor and Social Affairs (D14/oik.77126/2021 Official Gazette B’ 4692 and D14/oik.86814/2021 Official Gazette B’ 5206). The expansion of the program is a dynamic process in which new school units are gradually added to it.

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